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Section 1 Structure and Vocabulary(15%)

Part A

1.Personally I hold the view that if anything is going to be done at all to revise the methods

of selecting and approving judges then it____all embracing.

A.just as well be B.might well be C.might as well D.just as well

2.I would like him more___refrain from making caustic comments about my firends.

A.would do B.if he needed to C.had to D.if he would

3.In cross-cultural interaction,speakers sometimes assume that what they believe is right, because they have grown up _______their way is the best.

A.to think B.thinking C.to thinking D.think

4. He argued that happiness is something long-lasting and stable,______pleasure,for example,

is brief and passing.

A.when B.since C.whereas D.meanwhile

5. He told himself that only reason he was stopping Oxenham____further was that he know Tarrant so well and trusted him.

A.form probing B.to probe C.agasinst probing D.for probing

6. On the whole he proply had a heathly respect for the material things of life.

A.althought B.despite C.inasmuth D.as far as

7.Whatever their teahnical may be,adult students have a good deal of practical experience:

they greatly resent______.

A.to be talked down to B.talking down to C.being talking down to D.to talk down to

8.Transit authorities have responded to the competition mot with innovative prougrams but

with campaingns to ban the news types of subcars,______they are illegal and unsafe.

A.for fear that B.in order that C.create D.created

9.Electric power had become so important and virtal a part of America's life that a complete

shut-down for even a few seconds_______chaos.

A.would have created B.had created C.create D.created

10.In preatic it is very difficult to separate learning from memory,although the ways in which

______are often ditticult.

A.each is stusied B.each study C.each studies D.each studying

Part B

11.This kind of relationship can be attrative to employees with strong growth needs when the

tasks to be performed are clearly_______.

A.framed B.desingnated C.designed D.defined

12.The question is whether there need be large numbers of people______from their birth to hard work in order to provide for others a refihed and cultural life.

A.deemed B.determined C.doomed D.inherited

13.He should______what he's good at,and not try and do something he knows nothing about.

A.stick to B.lean on C.grow into D.reach out

14.The elderly should have their own goals to____in life instead of focusing all their energy

on their children.

A.remine B.pursue C.maintain D.persist

15.The news of the president's visit to France wasn't_____tothe public until the visit was over.

A.released B.Issued C.Published D.Launched

16.Traditionally speech recognition systems have veen limited in use vecause they must be treated with care and______to slowly with no interfering background noise.

A.lisrened B.Pronounced C.Dictated D.subjected

17.A.Doctors who have studied the problem warn that negative_______to drugs may be one of the leading causes of death in Western countries.

A.feedback B.Acknowledgement C.Reaction D.echo

18.The couple has reportedly received permission to wed in the Irish Republic,but some newspapers have suggested that they may_______the ceremony in England.

A.perform B.Conduct C.Persecute D.conclude

19.As people are_______with lots of things in the workplace,it's healthy tocreate some humorous feelings by telling funny stories.

A.caught up B.Wound up C.Fed up D.covered up

20.Actually humor is especially useful as a social lubricant---in criticism,complaints,etc,for it reduces the threat and______in any situation.

A.attention B.intention C.retention D.tension

21.Technology used to be about freeing people from boring physical labor like washing clothes,

but now it is_____increasingly complicated mental functions.

A.handing over B.talking over C.turning over D.staying over

22.if you're really serious about lowering your blood pressure. you'll have to____smoking,

or best of all,stop altogether.

A.do awwy with B.get rid of C.come to an end to D.cut down on

23.Generaly speaking,people want to keep a wild animal for one of one many reasons:they want

to _____other people by owning an unusual animal as a pet.

A.depress B.repress c.express D.impress

24.The key to concention, according to Dr.Coska,is to lern to overcome noise and_____,whether

internal or external.

A.distraction B.interference C.wordering D.interruption

25.In this States,people who try to ___for a lower price in a shop or store are likely to be

considered either quite odd or startling aggressive.

A.discount B.negotiate C.quarrel D.bargain

26.Nowhere else in the world are sports_____with colleges and universities in the way they are in the USA.

A.associated B.committed C.attached D.involved

27.As a_____institution,the family will continue to accommodate itself to the ecomany and the

values of the information age.

A.changeable B.rigid C.flexkible D.varible

28.Evidence is strong that teenage childbearing,particularly by unmarried monthers,is socially

______of the furture well-being of both mother and the child.

A.destructive B.respective C.painful D.damaging

29.Researchers have better methods_____their dispotal,including clinical intervention trials,

human tissue and cell cultures,as well as new imaging methods.

A.under B.in C.at D.for

30.Although animal experiments are sometimes intellectually seductive, they are poorly_____to addressing the urgent health problems of our era.

A.fitted B.adjusted C.suited D.accustomed

Section 2 Cloze Test(10%)

Apple computer introduced its pioneering,user-firendly Mackintosh computer in 1984.The "Mac"

quickly became popular and appular likely to____31____the field.But Apple officials were

reluctant to____32___the Mac's_____33___system to other manufacturers and give up control of their project.

Mranwhile,Microsoft developed the "Windows"system for rival IBM computers and ___34____

nachines .Microsoft licensed its operating system to whoever could pay the price,and its sales


Last September Apple finally lisened the Mac technology.But by then,most computers ware_____

36___to Windows and few customers signed____37___."That just waited too long to make it ".

Our lives are a ___38__of our decisions ---whether in business or personal ___39__.And in

every decision,there comes a crucial point__40__you must make up your mind. Deciding too quickly can bring disatrous consequences;___41__too long can mean miissed opportunities.often,

what you decide is as important as the dicision itself. And everyday life and history are full

of __42__that can help us recognize that critical moment.

In July 1862,in the __43__of the Civil War,Abraham lincoln__44__his Cabinet members to the

Whiles House to __45_them of a decision he had made.The president read aloud to them the

Emancipation Proclamation,__46__for freeing slaves in the Southern states at war with the Union.When he finished,the Cabinet members were silent.It was a__47__idea for the time and

bound to__48__controversy even in the North.

Then Secretary of States,William Sewards spoke up.The Confederates had recently routed the

Union Army,Seward said,and Lincoln's proclamation might be interpreted as a__49_move.Why not

wait until the picture was brighter?Lincoln welcomed Seward's advice and delayed the proclamation__50__September,when the battle of Antietam had stopped a confederate advance.The

decision was then well received by supporters of the Union.

31.A.overwhelm B.overcome C.dominate D.overtake

32.A.license B.grant C.bid D.transform

33.A.operational B.operative C.operate D.operation

34.A.reliable B.compatible C.reliant D.comparable

35.A.bloomed B.prospered C.boomed D.advanced

36.A.permitted B.limited C.committed D.allowed

37.A.out B.off C.down D.up

38.A.amount B.number C.sum D.total

39.A.cycles B.regions C.areas D.spheres

40.A.Where B.When C.Before D.while

41.A.postponing B.delaying C.canceling D.prolonging

42.A.benefits B.courses C.classes D.lessons

43.A.light B.midst C.gap D.duration

44.A.summoned B.required C.recalled D.demanded

45.A.inform B.reform C.conform D.deform

46.A.contended B.tended C.attended D.intended

47.A.drastic B.radical C.striking D.inten

48.A.compose B.create C.stir D.encourage

49.A.despairing B.desperate C.hopeless D.disappointed

50.A.Until B.Unless C.Towards D.near

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